Our projects

NOMA-AID-SWITZERLAND and the other members of the NoNoma Federation are working hard on long-term synergies among the various NoNoma NGOs. The results are clearly visible: the cross-border cooperation among more than 30 NoNoma NGOs is successful, with very good results for children suffering from noma.

An impressive example is the post-operative physiotherapy to regain or maintain the speech and chewing functions. This treatment is performed by the "Bénévoles" physiotherapists of the French organization "PhysioNoma" after successful surgeries carried out by French NoNoma-surgeon teams. At the same time, education is provided to affected children, their parents and the local health care workers

We are proud that our association contributes significantly to synergies within the NoNoma Federation.

Please find all the projects we supported since 2005 on our german pages.



Post-OP Care



Evaluation model

The evaluation of the projects that are supported by NOMA-AID-SWITZERLAND is performed on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Goals: Consistency of the project objectives with our purpose
  • Compatibility: cultural and socio-compatible-approach
  • Uniqueness: Ensure that the project does not overlap with those of other aid agencies
  • Local roots: support from local authorities / professionals
  • Investment: consideration of cost effectiveness, efficient use of resources
  • Sustainability: long-term impact of the project