How can you help?

Passing on our brochure and web address will have a large effect as well as spreading the word, what Noma is and that Noma still exists!

It doesn’t cost you anything and at the same time it is a gain in knowledge for the recipient. Even though the topic is dramatic and horrific, it is at the same time salving, due to the fact that we become aware that Switzerland is a great place to be born in.

We help you with helping

If you are planning a benefit performance, a fund-raising campaign, a bazaar or within your company a “children present instead of client present” or any kind of other occasion, with which you want to help Noma children (birthday, confirmation, wedding, anniversary, Christmas ), we look forward to hearing from you and support you with information, brochures, posters and film materials. Lectures and presentations with further background information on Noma are also offered by members of the Board of Directors.

Personal commitment

Assignments in Africa are possible "not only but especially" for medically trained and multilingual (French or English) volunteers. Please contact us.