Combined forces will lead to success

NOMA-HILFE-SCHWEIZ and the other members of the NoNoma Federation are working hard on long-term synergies among the various NoNoma NGOs in countries concerned. The results are clearly visible: the cross-border cooperation among the more than 30 NoNoma NGOs is working fine, with very good results for children affected by Noma.

An impressive, good example is the post-operative physiotherapy to regain or maintain the speech and chewing functions that perform the "Bénévoles" physiotherapists of the French organization "PhysioNoma" after operations done by French NoNoma-surgeon teams. At the same time they educate affected children, their parents and the local health workers. Due to the fact that only a long-term therapy of the masticatory and speech functions can treat the damages caused by Noma, which mainly are wound contractions and scarring of the affected tissues.

We are proud that our association, with such cooperation as described above, significantly contributed to synergies within the NoNoma Federation: Back in 2005, this was both for NOMA-HILFE-SCHWEIZ and for PhysioNoma (both still quite small and young organization) a large project that could only be realized through our humble assistance - in the meantime, both organizations were able to grow and expand these projects.  



The evaluation of the projects that are supported by NOMA-HILFE-SCHWEIZ are done by the following criteria: