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Brief information on the General Assembly 2010 of the International NoNoma Federation

From October 1st until 2nd we met our fellow member organizations of the International NoNoma Federation at the General Assembly in Geneva and exchanged information and ideas.

Many project ideas are discussed during this important occasion and new cooperation projects between the various member organizations established. Projects supported by NOMA-HILFE-SCHWEIZ are a good example for this cooperations between NoNoma members (for more details see our section "Projects").

For the first time, the NoNoma Federation published some sensitive issues in an official policy, which we would like to present openly:

It's about AIDS & Noma, in other words: Noma because of HIV infection.
In recent times, more and more little Noma patients infected with HIV are brought into health centers.
A cure is heavely hampered by the weak immune system, if not entirely impossible. Even adults may now be affected by Noma because of HIV-related immune deficiency. Because the human and financial resources of the NoNoma members are very limited and mainly focused on Noma, they can not additionally afford an adequate and enormously expensive treatment of HIV. The high risk to get infected during very complicated surgeries is another reason, why treatment is very difficult.
The following concerns, we therefore wanted to place in an early stage:
- Shall we obtain an AIDS test of each child,  before any medical help can take place?
- Should a triage of the patient take place in order to best use the resources?
The concordantly opinion of NoNoma members is as follows:
One must NOT make triage with children, but must help all unconditionally, regardless of race, religion, pre-illness, etc.
All surgeons, nurses and care takers of the various NGO members are of the same opinion. Before operations, the surgeons do not test the children, even in the event of cuts in surgeon's finger during the operation, as long as they are not too deep.
The official policy of the International Federation NoNoma is thus:
Unconditional support for all victims of Noma!


Construction of a children's hospital and NOMA Center in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa

The construction plans are completed.

More good news from Guinea-Bissau: The Principal of the Medical University (Dr. Abulai Biai) and the Director of the National Health School (Dr. Maram Mané) told us that Noma is now an integral part of the national curriculum in the training of doctors and medical care personnel.

Click here for the page of the project Antenna-Guinea-Bissau:


Brief report on the lecture by Dr. med. Bertrand Piccard in Erlenbach (25th March 2010):

On March 25th, 2010 Bertrand Piccard was honored by former Federal Councillor Adolf Ogi, Ellen Ringier and other prominent personalities in Erlenbach-Zürich: You can find interesting press reports with pictures in our "Press" section.

Mr. Piccard’s commitment against Noma for over ten years, our own five-year existence and a fruitful and friendly cooperation between us, was the reason to honor Dr. Bertrand Piccard and to hand out a donation in favor of his foundation "Winds of Hope”.

Laudatios were held by mayor Ferdy Arnold, former Federal Councillor Adolf Ogi and Ellen Ringier. In addition, assessments and statements were held by Federal Councillor Moritz Leuenberger, Emil Steinberger and Joseph S. Blatter.

Bertrand Piccard fascinated the audiences (over 400 people) with a comprehensive, illustrated presentation on his Breitling Orbiter balloon flight world record, his commitment to Noma and his spectacular Solar Impulse project. He gave the audience a lot of interesting background information but also some food for thought, which will surely be remembered for a long time.

The event was for the public and free of charge, but with the collection and sponsoring we achieved a fantastic final result of nearly CHF 14,000.--! Therefore the following dinner with sponsors, members, friends and families was enjoyed even more.

As a friendly surprise Bertrand brought a few dozen copies of his new book, which he personally hand-signed and – as a symbol of the fine mutual co-operation - formally handed over the entire income to NOMA-HILFE-SCHWEIZ!

We wish Michèle and Bertrand Piccard strength and success to their selfless efforts against Noma and thank them for their visit and fascinating lecture at NOMA-HILFE-SCHWEIZ!